All we have to do is keep talking.

We Can Hear You

"For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk and we learned to listen."

Stephen Hawking

ICHU (I Can Hear You) is a new initiative, focussing on improving the way that people communicate, using the oldest tool of all – speech

The problem

Speech Intelligibility is a growing challenge in voice communications – around 14% of adults globally have some impairment in the speech frequencies, leading to poor experience and the loss of precious minutes of time talking to our loved ones and colleagues. Add background noise to mix, and understanding what is being said becomes even more of a challenge.

The solution

We want ICHU to make a difference to as many people as possible, by becoming the de-facto standard for Personalised Speech Intelligibility, working directly with telecommunications operators and network providers to make the solution as accessible as possible for as many people as we can.

We are moving very fast and updating the site as often as possible. In the meantime if you would like to know more about our work please get in touch at