Speech Intelligibilty

What is speech intelligibility?


What did you say?

Most of us use our voices to communicate and most of us use our hearing to listen to others. And sometimes, we just don't understand what is said.

Simply put, speech intelligibility is the business of understanding what is being said. 

Sometimes hearing isn’t enough. Even for those of us who are blessed with excellent hearing, understanding what is being said can still be a challenge. This is not about language – this is about how our hearing functions and how it can be affected by factors beyond our control. Acoustics – the physical properties of the environment we are in, can play a major role in how sound ends up.. well… sounding. Background noise, psychological factors, the combined performance of the many components involved in human hearing, all play a part in how well we are able to understand what is being said – whether someone is speaking to us directly, on the phone, on a video call, in a movie theatre, on the tv… Our ears are only the beginning.


The phsyical properties of the room we are in and the device we are using. Often we can't control where we are when we need to understand what is being said. In the railway station, in the car on a noisy road, even many of our living spaces are not desgined for optimal transmission of voice. Short of redesigning every space you are in, on the fly, On the phone, on a video call, smart speaker or TV, ICHU is here to help.

Hearing profile

Each of us hear in a unique way. Around 14%* of adults globally have some deficit in their hearing in the frequencies relating to human speech. With ICHU turned on in your phone service, TV and streaming video provider and smart speaker speech intelligibiltx can be improved up to 90%.** No apps, no hearing test, no hassle. Just better speech intelligibility for all.

Background noise

Background noise can seriously affect speech intelligibility. We all know how hard it can be to hear properly in a noisy place. Noise cancelling headphones can help with noise closeby, but noise on the other side of a phone call, on a movie soundtrack... this is a different matter. ICHU's unique approach usesworld leading technology based on decades of audio research to reduce noise at source.